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Learn About Wine: WSET

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Learn About Wine: <span class="caps">WSET</span>

  If you have ques­tions or are con­fused about the dif­fer­ent types of wine edu­ca­tion and wine titles, search no fur­ther. In this blog I will explain the Wine and Spirit Edu­ca­tional Trust (WSET) path of edu­ca­tion and hope­fully answer your ques­tions. In a pre­vi­ous blog I dis­cussed the Som­me­lier edu­ca­tion path. Both are valu­able course of study but dif­fer slightly in their focus, deliv­ery, and tast­ing model. The Wine and Spirit Edu­ca­tion Trust was estab­lished in...

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Learn About Wine: Advanced

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Learn About Wine: Advanced

If you are look­ing to advance your wine knowl­edge or are inter­ested in influ­enc­ing or teach­ing oth­ers about wine, there a few direc­tions you can go: • Soci­ety of Wine Edu­ca­tors – Cer­ti­fied Spe­cial­ist of Wine (CSW), Cer­ti­fied Wine Edu­ca­tor (CWE), Cer­ti­fied Spe­cial­ist of Spir­its (CSS), and Hospitality/Beverage Spe­cial­ist Cer­tifi­cate (HBSC) • Insti­tute of Mas­ters of Wine – Mas­ters of Wine (MW) • The Court of Mas­ter Som­me­liers — Mas­ter...

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Wine Tasting: BC

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Wine Tasting: <span class="caps">BC</span>

BC wines are extremely hard to find out­side of BC. There are two rea­sons for this: 1. More than 80% of BC wines are sold to BC con­sumers and, 2. BC winer­ies pro­duce only thir­teen mil­lion liters of wine a year, com­pared to Aus­tralian winer­ies that export approx­i­mately 600–700 mil­lion liters a year. In com­par­i­son, BC wines are extremely limited. Fear not! As you read on, I will explore the dif­fer­ent ways that you can expe­ri­ence the great­ness of BC wines. Vis­it­ing BC...

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Best Wine: BC

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Best Wine: <span class="caps">BC</span>

Wines from BC are not avail­able in every mar­ket and some­times are hard to come by. The major­ity of wines that are exported to other coun­tries are Ice Wines. A few BC winer­ies that pro­duce Ice Wines are: Mis­sion Hill Fam­ily Estates, Jack­son Triggs Okana­gan Win­ery, Nk’Mip Win­ery, See Ya Later Ranch, Hes­ter Creek, Gehringer Broth­ers, Hainle Vine­yards, Pen­tâge Win­ery, and Summerhill.BC also has amaz­ing red and white wines that could def­i­nitely com­pete with some of the...

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Types of Wine: BC

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Types of Wine: <span class="caps">BC</span>

With more than 210 winer­ies in oper­a­tion through­out the province and 864 vine­yards that grapes are sources from, British Colum­bia pro­duces on aver­age about thir­teen mil­lion liters of wine a year. BC pro­duces more than sixty dif­fer­ent grape vari­etals with a large empha­sis on red wine. Below you’ll find infor­ma­tion on the white and red vari­etals from BC. White Wine Varietals Pinot Gris: Medium to full bod­ied wine with typ­i­cal flavours of peach, pear, vanilla, spice and...

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BC Wine Country

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<span class="caps">BC</span> Wine Country

One of the most impor­tant ele­ments of cre­at­ing great wine is where the grapes come from. Fac­tors that influ­ence where the grapes come from include cli­mate, soil, loca­tion, irri­ga­tion, and age of the vine. The wine indus­try calls this ele­ment that comes out in the fla­vor, the wine Ter­roir. The French def­i­n­i­tion of Ter­roir is: “a group of vine­yards or vines from the same region, belong­ing to a spe­cific appel­la­tion, and shar­ing the same type of soil, weather...

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