Burgundy Grapes

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Burgundy Grapes

There are various grapes which fill the Burgundy region in France. Each grape is different in characteristics, making their wines relatively unique. Here is a list of various grapes which are grown in the Burgundy region:

  • Pinot Noir- Is the classic black grape of Burgundy and has flavour characteristics of red fruit flavours, such as cherry, raspberry, and strawberry. Youthful Pinot Noir grape will have flavours of green vegetable or savoury notes. Sample of Pinot Noir Grape.
  • Gamay – Grows really well throughout the Burgundy region. It is best harvested young where it provides the wine with fruit character and little bit of body. Here is a sample of Gamay Grape.
  • Chardonnay – Is the grape that is responsible for creating all the great white wine from Burgundy.  There are two consistent flavour profiles that you find in the wines. Wines from Chablis are high in acidity and have more of fresh taste. Whereas, wines from Macon are fuller bodied and usually have ripper fruit. Here is a sample of Chardonnay Grape.
  • Aligote – Is a grape used for white wine and it is usual found in sparkling wines from this region. The wine is tart and is made for early consumption. Here is a sample of Aligote Grape.

All these grapes are used for producing light to medium wines and are very approachable. Read more about the hierarchy of quality wines which details the different levels of qualities for each particular level. It will also describe how this can affect the grapes.


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