Food and Wine

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Food and Wine

The combination of wine with food has evolved both the wine making and culinary traditions over the years. Wine and food pairing enhances the dining experience, and this harmonization can achieve a truly unique flavor that could not be experienced by way one of the components by itself.

Pairing food to wine is a delicate and thoughtful process. We have all heard the general rule: white wine with white meat, and red wine with red meat. Really, the marriage of a particular wine to a meal has no concrete equation. It's contextual: how the food is cooked and what grape was used in the wine can make all the difference. There are, however, guidelines—after all, there is more to eat out there than just red and white meat! Certain foods highlight certain wines, and vice versa.

The best way to garner an understanding of what works and what does not is to try your own research and see what happens. Begin experimenting by introducing a wine marinate element to some of your favorite dishes. By experiencing the sultry sizzle of flavor first-hand you will tap into that synergy between food and wine. The trick is achieving a balance of flavor; for example, the acidity of a dish and the wine will cause the lower of the two acidities to taste flabby and dull and the other too tart.

The wine industry is noticing more people striving to be wine enthusiasts. With the continued globalization of our planet more and more recipes are are fast-becoming known—whether it be it an old, passed-down family recipe, or a recent innovation spotted on on your favorite food and wine blog.  Remember it's always not easy pairing food with wine or even becoming a wine expert, but it certainly can be when the right knowledge. The path is an adventurous and filled with new experiences. Ultimately the pairing food and wine is of a matter personal tastes so explore the possibilities and have some fun!

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