Food Pairings for Wines of Alsace

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Food Pairings for Wines of Alsace

Food Pairings for Wines

The wines from the Alsace region are great companions in the dinner table. These wines are generally full enough to accompany white meats but not too aggressive to accompany a delicate fish. Riesling for example is a great wine which can be paired well with fish, especially freshwater fish and salmon. These wines are especially useful at restaurants because this wine is able to be shared alongside various different entrees. Wines from this region are also able to be paired with several cuisines from all over the world. Gewurztraminer for example can work well with a nice Thai recipe as well as Sylvaner can go well with sushi rolls. When thinking about this region, you should think about the German influence they have and the type of foods you would expect to try in Germany.

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