How to Go Camping with Wine

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How to Go Camping with Wine

Summer is coming. And that means it’s time to get the tents out and plan that summer camping trip.

The drink of choice for many adult campers tends to be beer. However, just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice glass of wine sitting around the campfire.

If you’re using your car or RV, it’s not too much trouble to bring a few bottles. But, what if space is an issue? Modern wine companies have made it much easier for the outdoor enthusiast with better-quality boxed wines on the market.


Thinking Inside the Box

Some of you might turn your nose up at the idea of wine in a box, but the boxed wine market is changing. Some really great wine producers have broken into this market. Just make sure you choose your wine with care. The not-so-good wine producers are still out there.

When it comes down to it, boxed wine is great for recycling, easy to pack, and safer to carry since there’s no glass to break.

But, if you’re planning a romantic camping excursion for yourself and your special someone, boxed wine doesn’t have the same flair. This might sway your decision. Not to mention that only a select few wine producers make boxed wine, so your choices are limited.

Will you be out in the bush for a while? The deciding factor for you could be the the vacuum-seal you get with boxed wine.

Since no air can get in to affect it, your wine will keep for many days. This can be a big advantage.


Serving Wine on the Campsite

First, you’ll need something to drink out of. Some campers use plastic drinking glasses, but there’s something nice about drinking wine from a proper glass.

Fortunately for all you outdoor enthusiasts who also love a good wine, many outdoor stores now carry travel-ready wine glasses. Using a proper glass will help enhance the flavours of the wine. See some examples here, here, and here.

Now, for the food pairing.

A classic campfire staple is the hot dog or the smokie. Pair these with a merlot or a blended red wine. If you’re doing fish on a grill, try a crisp pinot grigio or a light red pinot noir.

Happy camping!

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