How to Hike with Wine

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How to Hike with Wine

What better way to celebrate a successful day of hiking than with a glass of wine while taking in a spectacular view? After all, if you’re having an outdoor vacation, you don’t want to spend the whole time hanging around the campsite.

It's an outdoor vacation, so get out there and enjoy the outdoors! Even if it's not a major hike, a lengthy walk can be just right for lots of casual campers out there.

Now, some people will argue that hauling a glass bottle in a backpack is a recipe for disaster. And they'd be right. I found out the hard, heavy, awkward way.


Wine on a Hike: My Story

On an overnight hike, I once carried a glass wine bottle and corkscrew in my backpack. After hiking 5 hours up the hill in the heat, I regretted it. And it wasn’t like I could put the bottle down or leave it behind.

This is still wine we’re talking about here. Dropping it would be a waste, and damage the environment. Not going to happen.

Now I know better. Here’s how to do it.


The Best Way to Take Wine on a Hiking Trip

When I go hiking, I like to pick up wine in a tetra-pack. It’s light and compact, which you need on a hike. It fits pretty easily into a backpack. And it has a twist-off cap so you can leave the pointy corkscrew behind.

When you’re done with the tetra-pack, just squish it down for more bag room. I don’t recommend burning it: take your garbage out with you.

Some really great wines are starting to pick up the tetra-pack option, too. Be choosy and you can find something great for after a day of hiking.

If tetra-packs aren’t for you, consider picking up a soft wine container. They’re reusable and packable. Pack whatever wine you prefer, but be sure to squeeze all the air out of it. This will help the wine keep for longer.

You might also want to think about a wine tote, if you can handle the extra weight.

Have a great hike!

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