The Hierarchy of Quality Wines

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The Hierarchy of Quality Wines

The Appellation d'origine controlee is the French certification which is placed on the wines which follow the various strict rules applied to them. The rules cover the methods of growing and producing the specific grapes as well as the grape variety, the minimum alcohol content, localization and various others. Once these rules have been followed the wines are then analyzed and tasted to ensure that there was no deviation. These rules are in place to ensure the quality of the wines in France.

Hierarchy of Quality Wines:

Regional ACs – Are entry level wines that are sourced from the entire Burgundy region. In some cases they might be localised to one area. Label example: Bourgogne (Burgundy) Rouge AC is Pinot Noir. 

District ACs – These wines are a step up from regional classification and they will not have the word Bourgogne included on the label. Label example: Chablis AC.

Commune ACs – This is the second highest qualification for this region and usually means higher quality and higher price. The grapes are only used from one village (Commune). Label example: Pommard (Village), Appellation Pommard Controlee.

And Single Vineyard ACs: Premier and Grand Crus – This is the highest quality level for this region and usually means higher prices, as there is not a lot available. Grapes for these wines are sourced from one vineyard that has the classification of Premier Cru or Grand Cru. Label example for Premier Cru: Beaune (Village) Greves (Vineyard), Appellation Beaune Premier Cru Controlee. Label example for Grand Gru: Montrachet (Vineyard stands alone on the label), Appellation Montrachet Controlee.

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