Pairing a Vegetarian Diet Up With Wine

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Pairing a Vegetarian Diet Up With Wine

You are a vegetarian and you love wine. So which wines do you pick to go with your vegetarian menu? Vegetarian food is not all vegetables or always on the light side. There are dishes such as risotto and black truffles, which is more on the heavy side. You can choose any kind of wine to go with vegetarian. What kind you choose will also depend on the season of the year and how you use your vegetables. Sometimes the wine has to take second place to the food.

The Pairings

A red wine tamed in tannins would go nicely with grain and mushroom dishes. Other red wine friendly dishes are polenta, whole grain pasta with tomato sauces, bean soups and risotto with truffles or various mushrooms. Red wine would be the best with winter vegetables like acorn squash, pumpkin or other root vegetables. On the lighter side, you may want a white wine to pick up the freshness of spring vegetables such as asparagus, lettuce and spinach.

It is spring and soon you will be having a Mother's Day celebration, graduation parties and Memorial Day. Even if you or your friends are vegetarian, these celebrations can be festive with the right wine and food. If it is a brunch affair, mimosa is a winner and goes well with any egg dish without the meat. If you are having a dinner, make a creamy risotto with asparagus, peppered pecorino and olive oil. Serve it with a spring salad of spinach and strawberries with a wine vinaigrette dressing. If you want to keep the meal lighter, choose a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc to compliment it. For desert, clean the palate with something lemony and serve a Riesling wine.

Pairing wine with vegetarian cuisine gives a delightful new taste experience.

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