What is a Mimosa Drink?

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What is a Mimosa Drink?

Mimosas are simple, but yummy. At heart, all they are is chilled orange juice and champagne, but there’s nothing like a mimosa on a hot summer day.

The name ‘mimosa’ comes from a bright orange or yellow tropical flower called acacia dealbata. But, then drink itself was invented in 1925, at the Ritz hotel in Paris, France.

Weirdly enough, a very similar drink was invented in London in 1921, called a “Buck’s Fizz.” If you’re in the United Kingdom and you want a mimosa, be sure to say “Buck’s Fizz, please” instead of “mimosa, good sir.”


How to Make a Mimosa Drink

First, assemble your ingredients.

  • Champagne flute-style glass
  • Chilled orange juice
  • Champagne
  • Orange slice garnish, thin (optional)
  • Hot summer day / Mother’s day / wedding or wedding shower / celebration / graduation (recommended)

Step One

Mix equal parts of champagne and chilled orange juice. If you want your drinks stronger, you can go up to three-quarters champagne and one-quarter orange juice.

Step Two

Serve mimosa combination in champagne flute-style glasses, then garnish with the orange slice, if you like.

Step Three

Distribute among friends and/or guests.

Step Four

Enjoy the moment!


A Non Alcoholic Mimosa Recipe

It’s no fun to be left out. So, when you’re putting together your summer drinks, try substituting club soda, seltzer, or mineral water for the champagne.

To help differentiate the glasses, try alternating your garnishes. Or, leave one or the other un-garnished on your drink table. This way, your guests will know at-a-glance which drinks are alcoholic and which are not.

But, be sure to serve them in the same, or at least similar, glasses. This will preserve the elegant ‘mimosa’ feeling.


Best or Cheap Champagnes for Mimosas?

As with most mixed drinks, try to use high-quality ingredients. In our case, that means choosing a high-quality bottle of champagne. If you have a champagne you like the best, use that one. Don’t strive for something more expensive if it will not suit your tastes.

After all, in this case, it’s all about the taste!

If you’re on a budget, choose a sparkling wine. This will work just fine.


Different Mimosa Recipes (for a twist)

  • Use passion fruit or grapefruit juice instead of orange juice.
  • Add a dash of orange liquor and crushed raspberry ice.
  • Add a little pineapple-flavoured vodka.
  • Try a splash of Grand Marnier.

Above all, have a great time!

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