If you think that the read­ers of Winestore.com would appre­ci­ate a glass of your knowl­edge on wine, an opin­ion about the indus­try, or even a really good anec­dote about your trip to your favorite vine­yard, then we’d like to hear it. As long as you adhere to the below guide­lines you could see your words pub­lished on Wintestore.com—now that’s some­thing we can all drink to.

Guest Blog Sub­mis­sion Guide­lines:
1. Blog topic must be wine-related.
2. All anchor text links must be eth­i­cal
3. No non-relevant anchor text links
4. No more than 1 link/125 words.
5. No more than 1 link in biog­ra­phy nameplate.

For more info, con­tact me at dave[at]winestore[dot]com