Grape Vari­ety: Pinot Grigio

Geog­ra­phy: North­ern Italy, Ger­many, East­ern Europe, Mex­ico, Aus­tralia, New Zealand.

Viti­cul­ture: The Alsace region pro­vides the ideal ter­roir, where con­di­tions pro­duce the best qual­ity Pinot Gris.

Varietal/Blend: Some­times blended with Ries­ling or pro­duced sim­ply as a varietal.

Fla­vor & Char­ac­ter: Whether bone dry or rich and spicy, a hint of honey lends a com­mon characteristic.

Vini­fi­ca­tion: Although there have been some attempts to oak Pinot Gris, it doesn’t need new oak and gen­er­ally, doesn’t receive it.

Style: Fairly neu­tral in Italy, richer and more intense in Alsace.

Body, Dry/Sweet: Ital­ian Pinot Gri­gio is more light­weight and bland than its Alsace coun­ter­part, which is more rounded and aromatic.

Notes: Pinot Gris is known as Pinot Gri­gio in Italy.